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Welcome to the Solihull Cycling Club. Founded in 1929, the SCC is one of the most successful cycling clubs in the history of UK cycling. The SCC is an extremely diverse cycling club which promotes all aspects of the sport. It is proud to have a racing heritage that has produced National Champions, Olympic Medallists, World Champions and Tour de France riders whilst at the same time, keeping the spirit of the club alive in non-racing and social activities. We hope that you enjoy these pages and it inspires you to come and join us. More about us

Corona virus update from SCC committee:

The Club has followed, and will continue to follow the stipulations from Government and British Cycling/Cycling UK with respect to official club activities. We are pleased to announce the progressive resumption of Time Trials, Coaching and Club Runs during August. Ideally there will be a progressive increase in what we can do from September. All activities will be restricted, and subject to additional safeguards to help fight the spread of Covid 19.
Club members are encouraged to read and follow the guidance from British Cycling, in particular their 6 stage roadmap to recovery, see link below. We have recently moved to stage 4. The club committee has recently approved a Covid 19 Club Runs protocol which can be found at. Solihull CC Club Runs Protocol
With restricted numbers on club runs and leader availability, we realise club members may be unable to join every ride they would like. Equally we realise that not everyone is yet ready to resume group riding after several months riding solo or in small groups. We encourage all members to stay active in this way, but to respect the group size limit of 6 riders. As we emerge from lockdown, it is vital we uphold the reputation of cycling, and in particular Solihull CC, by responsible and considerate riding.
British Cycling – Way Forward
Cycling UK Guidance
GOV.UK Coronavirus Guidance
Solihull CC Club Runs Protocol