Solihull Cycling Club


The Story so far. . .

The idea of the circuit was the brainchild of Harry Reynolds. It was Harry’s vision to create a traffic free, safe environment where the club could build its next generation of champions under the guidance of a group of fully qualified British Cycling coaches belonging to the Solihull CC.

The circuit is approx 850 metres long, 5 metres wide with a 6 metres finishing straight down the middle of the top. The profile of the circuit is labelled as ‘testing’ as Tudor Grange Park slopes away towards the Norman Green Athletics centre.

The 2018 dates for young rider sessions are still to be confirmed. If any new young rider is interested in joining in these sessions which start in the spring, please contact our Rider Co-ordinator via email as follows:

We are looking forward to seeing you and having some fun at the circuit.



    This is the go-ride program training for young riders and often, new riders. This is primarily the starter skills and bike fun session.

    (6 and above to Under 10's)


    This is 'training for racing' and is a road-bike session only. This is physically demanding and newbies will not attend this session straight away apart from exceptional circumstances. Aimed at U14/U16 and very good U12s.

    (Under 14's)

    This fast-paced 'Train to Race' session is aimed at Senior, Junior and invited U-16 riders only.

    (Adults, Juniors)


    This is the core starting and development session for intermediate Youth riders, covering ages 11 - 16 year olds. It focuses on key group riding skills, and is also the coaches assessment point of physique and skill ability for riders before they join Tuesday night sessions.

    (primarily Under 12s to Under 16s)


Additional information to help with your training can be found here.Training Structure

It is possible to hire bikes and eqiupment from us. We have a small range of road, track and cyclo cross bikes for you to try out. Why not contact a club coach to discuss your needs.