Solihull Cycling Club

about us

Welcome to the Solihull Cycling Club. Founded in 1929, the SCC is one of the most successful cycling clubs in the history of UK cycling. The SCC is an extremely diverse cycling club which promotes all aspects of the sport. It is proud to have a racing heritage that has produced National Champions, Olympic Medallists, World Champions and Tour de France riders whilst at the same time, keeping the spirit of the club alive in non-racing and social activities. We hope that you enjoy these pages and it inspires you to come and join us. More about us

Corona virus update from SCC committee:

As a result of revised guidance, from 16/17th March announcements, Solihull CC is directing all its members not to participate in any socially interactive cycling activities, including group coaching sessions, club runs, face-to-face committee meetings, or other events. Social distancing should be maintained as recommended by UK Govt. However, as recommended by both UK Govt and BC, people should not avoid cycling completely as it remains a great way to keep fit and active and is a good way to boost immunity. Cycling individually or in very small groups will be beneficial to everyone’s physical and mental health and therefore until government advice states to the contrary and as long as you follow all the relevant advice on how to avoid catching or spreading the virus the club will encourage riders to continue riding outdoors individually or in very small groups of riders. However it is extremely important that SCC’s reputation is not compromised during this most testing period therefore we respectfully direct you not to ride in club jerseys if you intend riding as a small group. The club is endeavoring to develop opportunities for “virtual” training and competition for its members between each other and local clubs, we will share these with you as and when they are available. We will continue to update you whenever there is a change to club policy in line with government and BC guidelines. Please keep in touch with each other and do everything you can to keep yourselves and loved ones healthy. We have no doubts that we will all come through this as a strong and healthy club with a bright future. British Cycling COVID 19 Guidance